Elf on the Shelf Poem

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Elf on the Shelf Poem!

Here is a poem I created for our Elf on the Shelf.  Feel free to copy it and share with your family.

 I would appreciate it if you use it or share with your friends/family that you link to my blog to give me credit.  Thank you!

The words in Parenthesis can be edited to fit your situation.  Since elves show up at houses at a different time, change wording to week, day, and so on.  Same goes for helping (parents) clean up.  Households vary, so change to fit yours.(grandma, aunt and so on)  And finally, sign your elf’s name.  I hope you enjoy the poem!

T’was the (month) before Christmas and all through the house,

everyone was sleeping, including the mouse.


I tip toed around some toys and an old cookie,

was that a stinky sock playing tug o war with me?


What could this be I thought to myself,

had the children forgotten to clean up for the elf?


I rolled up my sleeves to pick up your toys,

trying to be quiet, I couldn’t make noise!


I reached in my pocket for some magic dust,

let’s hope this works and isn’t a bust.


My flying was silly, I yelled, Yippee!,

When I crashed into the workshop, Santa was laughing at me.


He asked if my children were nice that day,

if they helped their (parents) put their toys away.


I told him what I had found on the floor that night,

I gave him my report and soared into flight.


My take off was perfect, my hat stayed put,

I was like a ballerina when I landed on one foot.


I took a sip of cocoa and crept into place,

I couldn’t wait to see your sweet, smiling face.


My dear children, I love you, you see,

I can’t wait until you come tomorrow to find me.


A new day is upon us to start fresh again,

so let’s make it a good one my dear little friend.


Show some kindness to everyone near,

and Santa will reward you at Christmas this year.


That is all I can to say on this fine day,

my mission to spy must get underway.



 Love your elf, (name)



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2 Responses to Elf on the Shelf Poem

  1. Carolyn says:

    I will share this!

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