Good idea and now I love it!


So, a button on my little ones’s pants broke off. I intended on sewing a waistband so they were still useable. I had a few hiccups but you get the idea. (Don’t look too closely, you will see the mishaps, but you get the point. This was a trial pair so it’s all good) Now he just needs to wake up so he can try them on.

When I first posted this, I wasn’t so sure I loved it.  I cut around one of the metal pieces (Oh what are they called, I can’t remember! LOL)  Well it made the stitch a little wonky.  But once he woke up, I couldn’t wait to try them on him.  The outcome: I love them!  No fussing with snaps or button and the zipper still works.  They go on with ease and look adorable too!  Now I am thinking I might want to convert all of his jeans haha!  AND the best part is, this little boy of mine is growing WAY too fast and outgrowing everything faster than I can buy or make more.  If I put a longer waistband on, this could enable us to use the clothes just a tad longer.

Does anyone want to see a tutorial on how to do it?  If so, I can always post one.  If not, I will just move onto my next project 😛



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