Snowmen, Santa Claus, Hershey bars, oh my!


 Can I just tell you I am up to my eyeballs in these things? Why oh why do I volunteer myself for this type of stuff? Oy!  

My boys are cub scouts (and one a boy scout) and as one of the fundraisers this year, a few other people and I decided to make these adorable Santas and Snowmen.  And yes, hers truly decided to speak up and say that it would be so easy to just run these on my machine and knock them out.  The first 280 were doable but let me just say that I’ve already done another 100 and now I need to do 500 more!  Yes, for real! Another mom and I have decided to stop taking orders for now (the cub scouts each order a certain amount to sell on their own and then there are Show and sells where they go to a public place and sell.  We will provide the ones for the Show and sell, but I can’t do any more.  And as you know, Christmas is coming, just around the corner!  

They are cute though, right?!  And the fantastic thing about them and all of this work is 75% of the ones my boys sell goes into their account in scouts.  They can then choose which trips they want to attend and the money will be deducted from this account instead of me having to pay for it.  But now I am realizing that maybe it would have just been easier to stay in my little corner and pay for the trips on my own lol.

Oh well, I am a people pleaser 🙂  So what do you think?  Cute, right?!

Here was our set up last night at the Show and Sell.



And the Santa hat topiary thing, I whipped up before we went.  I love the way the santa hat turned out, it’s so cute!  I embroidered our Pack # on a piece of red felt and stuck it on.  I wanted to make it removeable so that after the show and sells, I could remove it.  🙂 Now I need to go get some tea and get to work!  Good morning.

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