Hello everyone!

My name is Mary and I am very blessed to have 4 boys!  Yes, I love them all and no, we aren’t trying for a girl.  As I’ve been told by many people, I have my hands full, but I see it that my heart is full.  God gives us what we can handle and apparently he needed some good entertainment by giving me these boys.   Somedays can be completely insane with the bickering, rough housing and name calling, but on other days, I wouldn’t imagine it any other way.

I love sewing and crafting.  It gives me quiet time to myself to create something wonderful (and sometimes dreadful)  My occupation before having kids was cooking.  I still love to cook/bake, but only when it’s enjoyable and not a chore 🙂


Follow me to see different things I create and cook up.  Recently my 2nd son was diagnosed with borderline Diabetes.  His tests came back high and he shows signs of Insulin resistance.  So this is all a learning process for me and making healthy choices for my family.


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