Size 2t camo pants


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Cute PJ set

The picture is a bit blurry but man, it’s hard to try to get a 17 month old to sit still for a picture.  I mean, look at his foot..he’s already getting ready to run for it.  And since I had him sitting on my sewing table, he was trying to grab every spool of thread in sight haha!

I made these Pj’s by using this super easy pattern for the pants.  I LOVE this pattern.  It goes together so quickly and really couldn’t be any easier.  In her tutorial, she uses elastic in the waistband.  I opted not to use elastic and to just stretch the fabric and do the waistband like that-it works just fine (As long as your fabric is stretchy enough).  Just make sure that you make the band tight depending on the fabric’s stretchiness.  I probably could have made mine a wee bit tighter but it works just fine.  I also added a little cuff at the bottom vs. hemming them.  I could have made them tighter but eh..good enough.  If I have time, I will do up my own tutorial.

Now onto the shirt.

I used THIS pattern.  It’s so easy to use and has oodles of info on how to sew different variations.  I just went for the straight forward raglan since I was just using it as a Pj top.  The neck band could have been a little tighter but I was off day dreaming about something else and forgot to account for the stretchiness of the fabric.  Nonetheless, the shirt is done and looks adorable on my little man.  We love it so much that we made a set for a friend’s son.

I am by no means a professional seamstress.  I have learned through trial and error.  So if you make a mistake, try again 🙂

image pj Back

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Oh I have missed you..

Since I have a toddler under foot all day, I pretty much gave up sewing.  He tries to grab everything and it turns out to be more frustrating than enjoyable.

But this past week, I just wanted NEEDED to sew for my own sanity.  The days are filled with cleaning up the messy house, cooking and many other less than desirable things I do around here.

Halloween is next week- Wow!  I decided I was going to make a little felt bag embroidered with my friend’s son’s name and then put some goodies in it.  I made him a pair of sweat pants and I am in the middle of doing up a pair of Pjs (although I am just doing a raglan top and pants)  I also made Mason a pair of sweats and Pj bottoms so far.  I hope the sewing bug stays, it clears my mind and makes me feel like I accomplished something.  I will take some pics when I am done 🙂

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I came across this Super Easy Halter dress tutorial  and just knew I had to try it!  So I pulled a knit fabric from my stash, picking my least favorite so if the dress went wonky, I didn’t care about the fabric getting ruined.  After much tweaking, I actually love the dress and have already made 2 others.  I still have to tweak the other two since it was late and the baby wanted to go to bed.  I am going to try shirring the top of one of the dresses.  The print is loud, but some say they love it, me, I wouldn’t feel comfy going out in it lol.

Oh and one note on the pattern, the knit fabric is great because it’s stretchy and oh so comfy.  Keep in mind though, the fabric is wider, so following the instructions, you need to tweak it to cut the fabric so it works with the measurements listed.  Also, on my 3rd one I made, I cut vertical cut shorter so it wouldn’t be so low in the back.

Also, I did do a quick one with a cotton woven even though it said it was a small/xsmall.  I am a size 7/8-10 depending on brand and it fit me just fine.  Also, I started with a yard and a half of fabric so it would be a long dress.

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I need to get better at posting..

Between my 4 boys, cleaning the house, cooking and other daily bs, I never seem to have the time.  I have been scouring Pinterest for some fun projects to tackle.  So, stick with me and I will start posting my projects and after pics.

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A new Blog for Me! :)

Hey everyone! Let’s see if I can keep up with this blog. Time always seems to fly by and I always get too busy to keep up with it, so it just goes to waste. I’ve created this blog to show you all of the crafty things I am working on. Grab a cup of joe and relax with me. 🙂

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